Heritage Environmental Services Group to Build Waelz Kiln Facility

The Heritage Environmental Services Group partnered with Zinc Nacional to build a state-of-the-art Waelz Kiln Facility in the United States.

The Waelz Kiln technology is the proven process for reclaiming valuable Zinc Oxide from recycled steel dust, a byproduct of the electric arc furnaces operated in steel mills. Zinc Nacional is a privately-held family-owned business based in Monterrey, Mexico with more than 60 years of experience in zinc compound production.

This groundbreaking technology was designed to solve an unmet market demand for reclaimed Zinc Oxide, and the new facility will provide WSP customers an innovative, sustainable, and competitive solution.

The site for the WSP plant is expected to be named in the next several weeks and is projected to break ground in late 2018 and commissioned during the first half of 2020. Once complete, WSP plans to hire up to 60 employees during the initial phase of production and an additional 30 employees after expansions are complete.

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